Victory Worship Auditions

  • How To Audition

    Thank you for your interest in joining the Victory Church Worship Team. We've provided these resources for you to help you with your audition. We would like you to submit your audition via video (we'll explain how to do that). This audition is a first step for you. After it is submitted, a member of our team will follow up with you and explain your next steps. Please note that any member of our Dream Team will have needed to complete Growth Track (all 3 Steps).
    Video Audition How To:
    • Step 1: Listen to the "DEMO" of each song. MP3's for both songs have been provided for you. MP3's of Guitars, Drums, Bass, and Vocals have also been uploaded. Please note that "Love So Great" does not have a TENOR rehearsal track - this is because tenor sings melody on the entire song.
    • Step 2: Record a video of you singing or playing the song. Use either the DEMO or the CLICK MP3 as your track to sing/play to. Ensure that your voice OR instrument is louder than the provided MP3. You can use a camera phone or webcam.
    • Step 3: Upload your audition video online. We suggest using YouTube. Simply create a YouTube account and upload. Under privacy settings, you will want to select "unlisted." Title the video "YOUR NAME - Victory Church Worship Audition."
    • Step 4: Once your video is uploaded, submit the link Here
  • Love So Great

  • Endless Praise