“Be the Story” Spring Fundraiser

We are excited to announce our partnership with Youth For Christ. They are hosting a spring fundraiser event called “Be the Story.” A night of a celebration of stories from students and the story of God. Here is the current need:

  • Photographer: We do not have a photographer yet. We are searching for a professional photographer willing to donate their time and talent. We will give credit, of course.
  • Set Up: We are not able to set up for the event until the day of. We are unsure of the timeline but sometime that morning, we will need volunteers willing to help set up for the event. This may include setting up tables and chairs, adding the tablecloths and centerpieces, setting up our interaction areas, such as, our prayer wall and “What’s Your Story” wall. All the behind-the-scenes “To-Do’s” that will make the event successful.
  • Event Help: We are planning for our guests to self-serve with food at our pasta bar. However, we would love volunteers willing to work as waiters/waitresses of sorts. Their responsibilities would be keeping drinks filled, grabbing empty plates and/or disposing of trash. This would help keep the guest from having to get up and down from the tables during the event, allowing them to be fully present and take it all in.
  • Clean Up: After the event, we will be responsible for cleaning up and resetting up for the next church service. This includes anything from cleaning off the tables, packing up the centerpieces, wiping things down, to putting up the table and chairs, vacuuming, taking our trash… the more hands we have helping, the faster we can all celebrate the success of the event.

If you are interested in volunteering please reach out to Kyle or Zenobia Frei for more information at outreach@tnvictory.com. 


Apr 28 2022


5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Youth For Christ Website

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